Mediterranean cuisine

In Spain, India and Iran saffron is commonly used as an ingredient in saffron rice recipes.  One famous rice with saffron dish is Spanish paella valenciana and it is also an essential ingredient in the Spanish fabada asturiana dish and zarzuela fish stews, French bouillabaisse (spicy stew), Italian saffron risotto alla Milanese and Swedish and Cornish saffron buns. Other famous saffron recipes include: Iranian chelow kabab, Uzbek wedding plov (rice pilaf), Moroccan tajine-prepared dishes such as kefta meatballs, mqualli saffron chicken and mrouzia lamb dishes, Indian biryanis (spicy rice-vegetable dishes) as well as curry dishes and kheer (South Asian sweet milk dish).

Try out a saffron recipe or invent your own rice with saffron dish to experience an important taste of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Paella recipe (link)