About Saffron

Saffron threads come from the beautiful Crocus Sativus. Flowering In the Mediterranean in early fall, the red stigmas or female part of this flower when cured properly become the commercial saffron used world-wide.

The fertile high plain of Castilla- La Mancha in Spain is the source of the finest quality. Here, in the shadow of the legendary windmills of Don Quixote, grow tiny crocus flowers. Each flower produces three delicate, aromatic, red stigmas known as saffron. Over 6000 flowers were required to produce one ounce (28 g) of saffron. During the harvesting each flower is carefully hand-picked and each stigma thread is peeled, toasted and packed to assure you of the highest quality saffron product. Because of the rare nature of this spice and the careful hand-picking required saffron has long been considered the world’s most highly valued spice.

Often referred as the “king of spices”, the singular aroma and flavour of this saffron will be a splendid addition to almost any chicken, vegetable or fish dish and a baker’s delight in many recipes. In Mediterranean countries, its place in the daily cuisine has reached almost religious proportions. And the natural health properties of this unique spice are universally recognized world-wide. Pure Spanish Saffron is the key ingredient for making authentic international specialities: Spanish Paella, Italian Risotta Rice, Indian Chicken Biryani, French Bouillabaisse, Spanish Arroz con Pollo. Just a pinch will add the distinctive, elegant saffron flavour and each colour that is so highly prized by gourmets around the world.